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Q: Where is it?
A: It's over most likely. My interest in it has basically disappeared and i'm wokring on something else now.

Q: Why is it over?
A: I thought that my tumblr account was taken down one week....And i was relieved more than anything. Turns out i messed up the login info and the site is fine. I was actually displeased when i saw it was still up. Not really a good sign when i'm dreading working on it. So i stopped it.

Q: What happened to Pinkamena at the end of the story?
A: She completes the spell with some crafty traps laid for her pursuers. She uses the deus ex machina hard reset to undo all she did. Her destiny and her fate i leave in the hands of other eager Pinkamena fans to draw. She can't wait to have some more fun in others online projects :)

Q: So what are you doing?
A: I'm doing pen and paper roleplay campaigns at the moment and i'm finding it much more rewarding.

Q: What about Tumblr:
A: A new tumblr project idea has been toyed with. It isn't "screwed" a project i had thoguht about a while ago. It would be an OC blog actually with a focus on BDSM specifically, my favourite aspect of ask pinkamena. But lets be clear, the pen and paper stuff is taking up most of my time ATM and it's just an idea.

Q: What about Deviantart:
A: Probably good news for DA. I have more time to work on art now that i'm not drawing for a blog. I'll probably introduce my OC sometime soon!

Q: Can I see your Pen and Paper campaign?
A: Too early days. I'm still learning my GM role and i'm playtesting my first dungeon ATM. In future, if i get really good at it, I may publish my pony RPG adventures online. Just depends how it all goes.

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